Sports Camps 2014

Our Philosophy:

Sports Camps are YMCA Day Camps that offer sports related and team building activities, that allow us to build confidence, self esteem, and tomorrow’s leaders.  Sports Camps follow the values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility as part of our everyday activities.  Sports camps are licensed by the City of North Adams Board of Health.  With our trained, caring, and  responsible staff, each day bring a new adventure.

Itty Bitty Camps are for children 4-6 years of age. Most sports camps are for children 7-12 years of age, unless noted otherwise



* New This Year: Hot Lunch Will Be Provided! *

Please label everything that your child brings to camp.  The Y is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Each day children should bring a backpack with the following items in it each day:  bathing suit and towel, sunscreen, light jacket and/or raincoat, sweatshirt, 2 snacks, WATER BOTTLE, and sneakers/enclosed shoes. (Plus specific items listed under Camp Descriptions.)

Parents are required to apply sunscreen to their campers before camp each morning.  Parents are also responsible for sending a bottle of sunscreen everyday with their child. Each camper will be instructed to apply sunscreen regularly throughout the day.  The camp Staff recognizes that some children may need assistance putting on sunscreen.  Staff will apply sunscreen to visible parts of the body.

Please note that since our camps are outdoor camps, children will be outside – please dress for the weather.  Also, please send your child/children in clothing that can get dirty while playing outdoors!  Please leave items such as radios, cell phones, electronic equipment, expensive jewelry, nice clothing and valuables at home.



Sports Camps take place 9:00am – 4:00pm, $75 per session.

Before Camp is also available at 7:00am – 9:00am, $6 per day/$30 per week, as well as After Camp, 4:00pm – 5:30pm, $6 per day/$30 per week. If your child needs both Before & After Camp the cost is $50 per week. Before Camp takes place at the Northern Berkshire YMCA. Transportation to Sports Camps is provided by the YMCA.

Itty Bitty Camps take place at 9:00am – 12:00pm, $50 per session



Session 1 June 30-July 4

  • Swim
  • SteepleCats Baseball

Session 2 July 7-July 11

  • Basketball
  • Field Hockey/Olympic Sports
  • Itty Bitty SteepleCats Baseball

Session 3 July 14-July 18

  • Soccer
  • Water Adventure
  • Itty Bitty Tumbling

Session 4 July 21-July 25

  • Survivor Camp
  • Gymnastics
  • Itty Bitty Soccer

Session 5 July 28-Aug. 1

  • Hiking
  • YMCA Sports (4-square, Garbage ball, Frisbee, Kan-Jam)

Session 6 Aug. 4-Aug. 8

  • Volleyball
  • Swim

Session 7 Aug. 11-Aug. 15

  • Flag Football
  • Gymnastics
  • Itty Bitty Swim



Itty Bitty Steeplecats Baseball 4-6 yrs
Location: Brayton Field
Instructors: SteepleCats
Items to Bring: Glove (hat, bats are opt.)
Description: They’re back!  This program is an introduction to the game of baseball/softball for both boys and girls.  We will focus on learning the basics of the game using age appropriate activities.

Itty Bitty Soccer 4-6 yrs
Location: Brayton Field
Instructor: NBYMCA Sports Camp Staff
Items to Bring: cleats (optional)
Description: Come learn all the skills needed to play soccer.  We will do drills, play games and have scrimmages against one another.  Program is for all levels of ability and will help take your game to the next level.

Itty Bitty Swim 4-6 yrs
Location: YMCA Pool
Items to Bring:

Itty Bitty Tumbling 4-6 yrs
Location: YMCA Gym
Instructor: Erika Liljestrand – Head Coach
Items to Bring: T-shirt or Leotard, No Jewelry, hair ties required
Description: This is an introduction to the sport of Gymnastics.  Most of this time will be spent tumbling, playing on the balance beams, exploring the equipment, and learning how exciting gymnastics can be!



SteepleCats Baseball Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: Brayton Field
Instructors: SteepleCats
Items to Bring: Glove and hat (bats opt.)
Description: They’re Back! The SteepleCats Baseball camp will feature instruction on all parts of the game including hitting, fielding, throwing, base running, and other related activities.  Campers will play games daily to practice their new skills.

YMCA Sports Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: Brayton Field , YMCA Gym & Pool
Instructors: NBYMCA Sports Camp Staff
Items to Bring: sneakers, sun screen, water bottle
Description: During this camp we will be playing games like basketball, Frisbee, flag football, soccer, tag, relay races, and other activities.  This will be a team building camp that will allow participants to learn about new activities and staying active.

Basketball Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: YMCA Gym
Instructors: NBYMCA Sports Camp Staff
Items to Bring: Basketball shoes, water bottle
Description: Campers of all skill levels will have the opportunity to work on all aspects of their game.  Campers will not only develop their physical skills, they will also work on their court awareness during the week.  After drills and practice each camper will get a chance to try out their skills each day during game play.

Swim Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: YMCA Pool
Instructor: NBYMCA Sports Camp Staff
Items to bring: Bathing Suit, towel, goggles.
Description:Campers will learn the four basic strokes: crawl stroke, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly stroke. In addition, campers will learn starting and turning of each stroke. Water Polo will also be a part of the curriculum during the week.

Flag Football Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: Brayton Field
Instructor: NBYMCA Sports Camp Staff
Items to Bring: Cleats and mouth guard
Description: With this non-contact camp, campers will learn to work on all aspects of their game.  The will work on route running, passing, as well as offence and defense.

Gymnastics Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: YMCA Gym
Instructor: Erika Liljestrand – Head NBYMCA Gymnastics Coach
Items to Bring: T-shirt or leotard, No Jewelry, hair ties required
Description: This program is open to boys and girls of all skill levels.  It is an introduction to tumbling, floor, bars, balance beam, and additional events.  They will work on skills in the morning and practice fun games and skill in the afternoon.

Soccer Camp 7-12 yrs
Location: Brayton Field
Instructor: NBYMCA Sports Camp Staff
Items to Bring: Shin Guards, cleats, water bottle
Description: Campers will learn to work on all aspects of soccer.  They will work on dribbling, passing, rules and ball management to help make them stronger players.  This is open to players of all abilities and is sure to help improve their game.



Please keep in mind that we make every effort to remain outdoors during camp.  Children should bring raincoats/sweatshirts to protect themselves from the weather.  However, when inclement weather prevents camp from taken place outdoors all children should be dropped off at the YMCA.  TUNE INTO WNAW FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS.


Monday through Friday


To register your child for YMCA Sports Camp we need to receive full payment the Wednesday before camp begins.  Payment can be made to the front desk of the Northern Berkshire YMCA.

Click Here For The Camp Registration Forms!

We accept checks, cash, debit and credit cards (no American Express or Discover). The YMCA also offers financial aid to any qualifying camper.  We do offer Electronic Fund Transfers that pull funds from your debit or credit card each week to pay for camps.  Failure to pay for camp the Wednesday before camp b begins will result in a $20 late fee or the possibility of camp being filled.  There will be no refunds for children removed from the program for behavior of disciplinary reasons.

Campers must complete the enclosed registration form and attach a copy of your child’s most recent  physical and immunizations.  Children without completed forms will not be admitted to the Northern Berkshire YMCA Camps.  Only one set of forms are needed per camper, as the forms will be used for the whole summer.